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These seminars are offered by Dr.Taya Stanley and Dr.Barbara Briner.

Deep within the core of your being lays the secret of living. In our intensive series and weekly classes you will embark upon the path to learn to use powerful methods to diagnose, strengthen and balance Qi-energy in both yourself and others for optimum well-being and health. Upon completion of Level I, II and III you will receive the Medical Qigong Practitioner 1st Degree Certification by the Yellow Mountain Institute.

Medical Qigong is a complex and potent healing art practiced within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This ancient treasure will be explored in these seminars as we share Chinese teachings about mind, body and spirit. Since pre-historic times Chinese mystics fiercely guarded this knowledge. Our seminar series is carefully designed to expose you to the necessary fundamentals of Chinese Medicine so that you can understand the context and full meaning behind the teachings and forms in Medical Qigong. We pride ourselves in providing an integrated educational, yet easily understood, format for learning Medical Qigong, weaving together this ancient discipline with modern medical understanding of our physical, emotional and spiritual experience of health.

Medical Qigong Weekly Classes * Friday Night Qigong* Level I, II & III in Sonora, CA

Medical Qigong Level I, II and III are presented in easy accessible evening classes or weekend intensives. In classes, taking place one evening a week each level is completed in one 8 week sets. You can sign up for single evening classes or for the whole set.

Please note: completion of all three sets are needed for Certification. Classes can be made up when the next series is offered.

Contact us for registration information and teaching schedule.

Location: Please call us for more information.

Medical Qigong Weekend Intensives Level I, II & III in USA

This seminar series is offered in the form of three successive intensives, or long weekend retreats. In United States each Level will be completed in two weekend intensives. They allow participants to reach certification in a compressed amount of time.

Contact us for registration information and teaching schedule.

Medical Qigong Intensives Level I, II & III in Europe

These seminars are offered in 4 days retreats for each level. Level I is usually scheduled to run from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. The intensive series is currently being taught in the United Kingdom. Private sessions and treatments are also available in Switzerland and at select locations in France each Fall and Spring.

Contact us for registration information and teaching schedule.


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