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You will learn the building blocks of Chinese Medical Theory and begin your practice of Medical Qigong.

In this course you will be introduced to the foundational theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We will explore teachings arising from the Yin/Yang school of thought that developed before the Great Unification of China in 221 B.C. and the evolution of the concept of Qi. You will also be introduced to Five Element Theory, from both an ancient and modern perspective, as well as the yin meridians. Material will be complimented with the psychological and western medical perspective.

Your Medical Qigong exercises will include training in Wuji Posture, beginning your practice of the powerful Five Dao Yin forms, and the Healing Sounds (Part A).

In level I you will learn to apply the teachings from these corner-stone's of Chinese Medicine to your own body and life, understanding health, as well as the dynamics of power and healing at a new level by the end of this course. You will have a complete exercise set designed to powerfully increase and balance your life energy.

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